The Difference Between A Frittata & An Omelet

A Frittata and an Omelet are an egg dish but very distinct. They are both a versatile dish and yet easy to make.

While both dishes are made with eggs and involve fillings like vegetables, cheese, and sometimes meat, there are a few distinctions that set these breakfast and brunch favorites apart.

So, which is which?

The Difference Between A Frittata & An Omelet

A frittata is prepared by whisking both the eggs and other ingredients vigorously to help create a custard-like consistency.

The frittata is cooked in a oven-safe skillet as they are started on the stovetop and then finished in the oven under the broiler.

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An omelet on the other hand, is made by pouring whisked eggs into the skillet and letting them sit to cook until firm.

Next you add a filling over the top of one side of the omelet. The you fold the other half over the filling.

Alternatively, you can added the filling across the center, and fold both sides over the filling.

Basically, a frittata is a custard filled with ingredients of your choosing. Like any vegetables, herbs, cheese, meat and including leftovers.

An omelet is essentially cooked like a pancake with fillings of your choice positioned on top to one side with the other side flipped over the filling.

A frittata can serve 4-6 platings and is typically cut into slices or wedges when served. The dish can be eaten hot or at room temperature.

Asparagus & Mushroom Frittata

While omelets are typically made to serve just one person.

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