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Welcome to Cook Plate & Fork  – This website was created with you in mind.

Here at Cook Plate & Fork we like to think of the foods we bring together as sumptuous and resplendent, or in other words deliciously yummy.

We make splendid recipes to have a splendid time eating the food we make.

Our palates have enjoyed and yours can too, recipes inspired or otherwise cooked dishes from Mexican, Italian, Latin American, Asian, Moroccan and Indian cuisines.

Here at Cook Plate & Fork you’ll find something to satisfy your palate and belly.

Please Enjoy Looking Through Cook Plate & Fork.

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29 thoughts on “About Cook Plate & Fork

  1. Randy, I always love reading your blog and find things I’d love to try. I came across your ebooks and downloaded for myself and to share with parents and professionals because the information is spot on. I think I found a mistake you can fix, one book link gives you a different book.

    The link to this…
    Nutrition and Your Health…Tips to Eat Well and Live Healthy
    Downloads this…
    Nutrition for Kids…Essential Nutrients for Children All Parents Should Know

    These ebooks are great, thank you for putting this out there for families. 🙂 <3

    • Thanks Jackie for letting me know. I appreciate so much your interest in both of my websites. I am glad you have found the ebooks to be helpful and for sharing them with others!! 🙂

      Thank you again and have a great Sunday!


  2. Looking for ways to enlighten my son palate and teach him how to explore and try new foods. He’s uninterested in sauces and seasoning and basically eat crunchy, bland foods. How can I encourage him to step outside the box? I’m ready to eat something new 😩😉☺️

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