Caprese Tomato Tower Salad

A classic but simple salad that can be found anywhere in Italy. But only the city of Capri can claim it as their culinary invention, the Caprese salad.

No other salad could have more simplicity than the Caprese.

It’s made with acidic tomatoes contrasted against slices of creamy mozzarella, the cinnamony herbal bite of fresh basil and drizzled with a sweet flavorful balsamic glaze.

And not to forget virgin olive oil with salt and black pepper for seasoning.

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Though the salad was invented in 1920’s after the end of World War I, it’s notability in the culinary world didn’t take off until the 1950’s.

The then king of Italy, King Farouk, asked his chef for a light afternoon snack and was served a Caprese sandwich.

And since then, tourists have been flocking to the birth place of the Caprese salad making it a staple of Capri food and its culture.

Make this Caprese Tomato Tower Salad one of your go-to’s as an appetizer or as a salad served with dinner.

You can also make this a summer time Caprese Tomato Tower Salad when Heirloom tomatoes are in season.

They are considered one of the top choices to use as they have lots of flavorful and have a more authentic tomato taste.

Caprese Tomato Tower Salad

1 small beefsteak tomato, should be firm, about 2-3 inches round *See Cook’s Notes

1 mozzarella ball

2-3 stems of fresh basil, remove leaves from stems

1-2 teaspoons virgin olive oil, divided

1/4 cup balsamic – honey glaze

Salt and black pepper for seasoning

Cook’s Notes

A small beefsteak tomato is a meaty and tasty tomato for this recipe.

A small beefsteak tomato is typically 2-3 inches in circumference the same as a natural large ball of fresh mozzarella.

Small Beefsteak Tomatoes

Therefore, the tomato and mozzarella slices will fit evenly together.

Using a sharp cutting knife, make 5-6 even slices with the tomato.

Place the bottom slice on a large plate. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Next, drizzle with 1/4 teaspoon olive oil, then layer a slice of cheese followed buy a leaf of two of basil.

Continue building the Caprese Tomato Tower Salad until all tomato slices are used.

Garnish the top of the tower with few basil leaves and some mozzarella. Then drizzle the tomato tower with some balsamic – honey glaze.

This Caprese Tomato Tower Salad should make two servings as a salad or can be used as an appetizer for 2-3 servings.

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