Cooking With Brussels Sprouts

Cooking With Brussels Sprouts

Brussel sprouts are native to the Mediterranean region. In fact, they were first cultivated in the 13th century near Brussels, Belgium from which the little cabbages derived their name.

They are a cruciferous vegetable the same as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, cabbage and kohlrabi.

Brussels are typically cooked by either boiling, steaming, stir frying, grilling, slow cooking, or roasting them.

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Cooking With Brussels Sprouts


Roasting Brussels sprouts though, is the most common way to cook them, which enhances or concentrates their flavor.

Enhance their flavor even more by tossing them with olive oil and other seasonings, like oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil. Like with this recipe – Roasted Root Vegetables With Brussels sprouts & Bacon.

Stir-Frying or Skillet Frying

Stir-frying or skillet frying Brussels sprouts can add sweetness and crunchiness as they are caramelized.

Caramelizing is cooking the vegetable with enough heat so that the natural sugars are extracted then reduced into a nutty flavor that coats the Brussels sprouts.

Not only caramelizing them but adding browned butter, a type of warm sauce used in French cuisine.

Browned butter has a nutty flavor, much like hazelnuts. The sauce has a deep yellow, almost brown color with a nutty sent as well.

This warm sauce is delicious with winter vegetables like Brussels sprouts. Try it with this dish – Crisp Gnocchi With Brussels Sprouts & Brown Butter.


Vegetables taste delicious when they are cooked on a grill. And the same applies to Brussels sprouts.

When you grill them, they become charred with a smoky flavor. Enhance that smoky flavor with some Mediterranean spice, such as with Harissa.

Try this grilled Brussel sprout dish – Spicy Grilled Brussels Sprouts.


Steaming Brussels sprouts can highlight their nutty flavor. Steam brussels sprouts just until they are tender to the bite (a fork should peris them easily), but still a beautiful bright green and with some bit of resistance when you bite into them.

Add some other flavors that will enhance the flavor of your steamed Brussels sprouts even more. Flavors like balsamic vinegar, dill, fennel and even toasted almonds. Oh so deliciously yummy!

Try this Brown Butter & Brussels Sprouts With Fennel

Give Brussels sprouts a try with this Warm Brussels Sprouts & Dilled Potato Salad.

Mix them up with the flavors of pecans, cinnamon and butternut squash. Like with this Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Cinnamon Butternut Squash with Pecans and Cranberries

Try this baked Creamy Brussels Sprouts Casserole as a side dish with your next meal when bringing together family and friends.

So many ways to cook with Brussels sprouts.

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