Honey Mustard Salmon Salad

Honey Mustard Salmon Salad

Wild caught salmon mixed with mildly sweetened raw honey, Dijon mustard and crunchy vegetables make this fish salad more flavorful than a tuna salad.

If your planning to cook up some salmon, reach for wild caught salmon, and here’s why?

Why Choose Wild Caught Salmon

Wild caught salmon are born in fresh water rivers and lakes and then grow in the ocean. In the wild, salmon have plenty of room to swim and roam.

They also have a diverse and natural diet giving their flesh a bright orange/red color. This is from the krill they eat.

Wild salmon actually requires less time to cook. They tend to have a more robust taste, again due to their natural habit.

Also, wild salmon swim farther distances, giving them leaner and less fatty bodies than farm-raised salmon.

Farm-raised salmon are raised in tight quarters where they are literally on top of each other.

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They don’t have to work for their food or swim as far. As a matter of fact, their flesh is a grey color due to only eating fish fed, not ocean krill. The pink you see in farm raised salmon is added food coloring.

The best time to shop for wild caught salmon is when it’s in season – typically April through September, but it depends on the species.

The most abundant of all the type of Salmon there are is the Pink Salmon. Most of the commercially caught Pink salmon are canned. It can also be found in the frozen section of your local market.

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Pink Salmon is also the best fish for making, salmon burgers and salads.

Honey Mustard Salmon Salad

4 tablespoons Dijon mustard

4 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt

2 tablespoons local raw honey

2 – 6 ounce cans Alaskan Wild Salmon, drained

1 small red bell pepper, diced

2 celery stalks, sliced thin

1/2 cup white onion, diced

In a large bowl, mix together mustard, yogurt, and honey. Add salmon, red bell pepper, celery, and onion.

Stir together until mixed.

Place the Honey Mustard Salmon Salad in the center of a serving platter and surround the fish mixture with your favorite crackers, and serve.

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