Fried Rice Pilaf with Peas Carrots & Almonds

Asian Rice with Almonds

A deliciously yummy side dish for beef or chicken. Better than plain white rice or even boxed rice mixes.

Basmati rice scores low on the Glycaemic Index as its carbohydrate content is absorbed less quickly into the bloodstream than other types of rice, and thus it helps to keep blood-glucose levels stable.

The rice should be rinsed before cooking to get rid of the starchy powder left over from milling. If not rinsed the rice will be sticky or cling together.

Basmati rice has a fluffy texture, and a sweet flavor. Pairs well with brown rice and almonds.

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Fried Rice Pilaf with Peas Carrots & Almonds

4 tbsp. olive oil

1 garlic clove, minced

1/2 cup basmati rice

1/2 cup brown rice

2 cups chicken broth

¼ tsp. Yellow curry powder

1 cup mix vegetables, peas and carrots

½ cup almonds, slivered

In a large frying pan over medium high heat; pour in the oil and heat; spoon in the minced garlic and sauté.

Add rice and fry until rice is no longer white. Pour in chicken broth and add curry powder and stir until mixed in.

Let broth boil for about 2 minutes. Add almonds stir to mix in. Now add vegetables, but do not mix in.

Put heat on low and place lid over skillet. Cook 30 to 45 minutes or until rice is cooked. Remove from burner, mix vegetables into rice.

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