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23 July, 2022

Sweet Chicken Sausage Kale & Spaghetti Squash

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If you haven’t tried making spaghetti squash before now, here’s a good place to start. This is a versatile recipe as any sweet chicken sausage will do. What is sweet chicken sausage? It is ground chicken mix with different flavors of fruit and sometimes chilies could be added. Fruits can include, apple, mango, peach, and
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2 February, 2022

Vegetable Alternatives To Traditional Pasta – with recipes

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Traditional pasta as we know, is made with refined wheat flour. Refining wheat grains into flour removes a variety of nutrients that are found in the bran and germ. However, some plant nutrients such as phytochemicals cannot be replaced. Phytochemicals are bioactive nutrient plant chemicals found in all plant foods, like fruits, vegetables, and grains.
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27 January, 2022

Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Spaghetti Squash Bake

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This quick and easy spaghetti squash recipe is bursting with flavor. It can be prepared as a side dish or a main dish as it contains bacon. Spaghetti squash is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors including ivory, yellow and orange. The yellow squash being the most common to find at market
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1 September, 2014

Yellow Summer Squash Pasta & Sauce

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Most yellow summer squash is gmo now days, but not the ones we used. We got these fresh from a vegetable garden, harvested from non-gmo seeds. Without the grated cheese, this can be a Vegan meal. There are several gadgets on the market that one can use to turn a yellow summer squash into spaghetti
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