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9 March, 2023

Garlic-Soy Pork Noodles

Garlic-Soy Pork Noodles
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The noodle of choice for this recipe is the udon, a thick Japanese strand noodle that can range in size, shape, and the ingredients used to make them. They are typically served in soups. Udon is described as the ultimate comfort noodle: pleasantly toothsome and plump. This recipe is bursting with what is called “umami
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25 January, 2022

Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hawaiian Fried Rice
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After the first contact with the people of the Hawaiian islands in 1778, sugar plantations were planted. And later pineapple plantations. As the plantations grew, so did the demand for workers, which brought immigrants to the Islands between 1850 and 1930. Along with them they brought cuisines from China, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico
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31 December, 2021

Pork & Green Bean Stir-Fry With Sweet Potato Fried Rice

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Riced Vegetables as the name implies are made from 100% vegetables. The vegetable used is chopped up into tiny rice-sized pieces. The most common vegetable used is cauliflower. Riced vegetables are grain-free, gluten-free, low calorie and can be prepared with or without sauce or seasoning. Riced vegetables are incredibly versatile. They can be enjoyed alone
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27 November, 2021

Pork Loin With A Maple Garlic Sauce

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Pork loin often goes by many names. However similar they are, it should not be confused with pork tenderloin. The most accurate name for pork loin would be pork loin roast. The loin can be a tough muscle found along the back of the pig, on either side of the backbone. It runs down from
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21 October, 2021

Chorizo & Rice with Garbanzo Beans

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Garbonzo beans are versatile in the culinary world. Their used to make hummus – crunchy roasted snacks – gluten-free pasta, and mashed in “chickpea salad” sandwiches, as a main dish, soups, and even used in flour form as an alternative to gluten-free baking. Nutrition and Facts About Garbonzo Beans Garbanzos are categorized as a legume
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18 March, 2021

Cashew Pork and Vegetable Stir-Fry

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China is the number one pork consumer around the world. Every year, nearly half of the world’s pork is eaten by the Chinese. The Chinese not only love pork but also are good at cooking pork. The methods they use are stir-fried, steamed, boiled, and braised. They love their flavorings as well. Such as salty,
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17 September, 2015

Greek Marinated Chicken With Butter Leaf Lettuce Salad

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Greek food or Mediterranean cuisine has a lot of splendid flavors. Such as olives and olive oil with its three primary flavors: bitterness, pungency and fruitiness. There is also lemon juice, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, yogurt, herbs, wine, fish, lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork. Greece has a culinary tradition of some 4,000 years. Yes, 4,000 years
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16 June, 2014

Sweet Pork and Apple Wrap

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When your hungry but to tired to make a big deal about preparing something to eat can be discouraging. But isn’t it great when you just go looking through the refrigerator to see what you have, and you come up with a simple idea. That’s what happened here with our Sweet Pork and apple Wrap.
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