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22 February, 2023

Thai Chicken Pizza

Thai Chicken Pizza
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If you have a craving for gourmet and specialty pizzas, then you’ll love this Thai Chicken Pizza. This Thai Chicken Pizza includes a pizza crust covered in a Thai-style peanut sauce and topped with mozzarella, shredded rotisserie chicken, shredded broccoli-carrot slaw, bean sprouts, green onions and cilantro. So let pizza and Thai cuisine flavors collided
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19 April, 2022

Chicken in Peanut Coconut Sauce with Peppers & Red Onion

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One of the main characteristics of Indonesian cuisine is the wide use of peanut sauce. The Netherland’s adopted peanut sauce as a common side dish through its former colonization of South East Asia. A popular combination at Dutch fast food outlets is French fries with mayonnaise and peanut sauce. Peanut sauce is also used in
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29 May, 2014

Oriental Chicken Wraps

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Do you want a slow, steady energy supply?  Would you like to prevent chronic disease? Eating the recommended three servings per day of this food has been shown to reduce heart disease by 28 percent, stroke by 36 percent and type II diabetes by 30 percent. Substituting this food 3 times a day for its
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17 May, 2014

Thai Chicken With Linguine

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This Thai Chicken with Linguine (a Cheesecake Factory copycat) is made with chunks of chicken breast and linguine in a creamy homemade Asian peanut sauce. This Asian-style noodle dish is so much better than take out and it can be made in less than 20 minutes. This recipe is absolutely deliciously yummy. Thai Chicken With
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