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17 March, 2023

Roasted Peaches With Cinnamon Mascarpone

Roasted Peaches With Cinnamon Mascarpone
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Peaches are a wonder when it comes to flavor. Their sweet, juicy, with a slight acidity. It’s all there, flavor packed in a 4-6 inch circular fuzzy fruit. Roasting peaches in the oven highlights the natural sweet flavors of the fruit. Peaches when roasted take on a caramelized flavor. Oh so delicious. The broiler though
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26 October, 2022

Peach & Shaved Fennel Salad

Peach & Shaved Fennel Salad
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This sweet and crunchy salad is deliciously yummy with with a protein dish like pork or chicken. Fennel resembles onions or leeks but tastes and smells like licorice and anise. It’s green top also resembles dill. Fennel has a sort of sweet, smoky flavor with a bit of spice. When uncooked, it has a wonderful
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27 September, 2014

Peach Upside Down Cake

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Here’s a Peach Upside Down Cake that is just peachy. This dessert is made with a brown sugar glaze. It’s a natural syrup with no added chemicals and it’s not like the ordinary glaze of just water, powdered sugar and a little milk. Cutting the cake into six (6) servings would make it 49.5 grams
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23 June, 2014

Almond Coconut Breaded Chicken with Peaches

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Those that read Splendid Recipes and More may have noticed our favorite way of using chicken is in salads, and therefore Salad as a Main Course. We bought some Herb Blend salad greens, which are a mix of red and green Romaine, red and green Oak leaf, Lollo Rosa, and Tango. Those are the different
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