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10 August, 2022

Coconut Mango Slaw

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Coleslaw was introduced into the culinary world by the Dutch. Koolsla is the Dutch word for cabbage salad or coleslaw. It’s a simple salad or slaw consisting primarily of finely shredded raw cabbage (it can also be chopped) and a dressing, either made with a vinegar base or with mayonnaise. The latter is more commonly
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18 April, 2021

Thai Salmon Noodle Bowl

Thai Salmon Noodle Bowl
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Tender flaky wild caught Alaskan salmon, prepared with a honey-miso glaze, that delicately sits over a bed of silky noodles, mango, avocado, radicchio, carrots, mint, basil, and peanuts tossed with a tasty refreshing vinaigrette. It is a long list of fresh ingredients, but do not let the long list deter you. If you are able
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22 October, 2014

Apple Mango and Radish Salad

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This deliciously yummy salad is balanced with the sweetness of apples and mangoes and the crunchiness of radishes and celery. The flavors of this salad are as vibrant as its colors. Very easy to make, and perfect as a side dish for your lunch, brunch, or dinner. It’s vegetarian and gluten-free as well. Apple Mango
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12 October, 2014

Chicken Avocado & Watercress Salad

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Upland cress is high in phytonutrients, such as iodine, iron and phosphorus, as well as antioxidant vitamin A and C. It also has 14.76 mg of lutein per four (4) ounces, which is great for eye sight. Upland cress has a peppery flavor much like arugula, and will add zing to your favorite sandwich or
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7 October, 2014

Sweet Tomato Chutney

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Where you aware Chutney doesn’t just describe a recipe of mixing tomatoes with spices? There are other references to Chutney, such as Chutney music that was established in the 1940’s within the temples, wedding houses, and sugar cane fields of the Indo-Caribbean. The first recorded music did appear until 1968 by musician and music recorder Ramdew
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20 May, 2014

Peach Mango Salsa

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    Are you excited about salsas like we are here at Splendid Recipes and More? If you don’t like tomatoes, this salsa’s for you. If you’ve never made such a salsa, Peach Mango Salsa, then your in for a treat. But maybe your thinking, “This looks good, but I’ll stick with my favorite store
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14 May, 2014

Chicken Curry with Mango and Spinach Salad

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 If you have never had a mango before it can be mind boggling as how to go about removing the flesh from the big seed in the middle. Here is a short video from “mango.org” to demonstrate how to go about cutting up a Mango. If you can’t find any good fresh mangoes you can
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14 March, 2014

Mango Coconut Rice Pudding

Mango Coconut Rice Pudding
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Coconut mango rice pudding is a sweet rice pudding prepared with fresh puréed mango in a coconut milk base. The success to making a deliciously yummy Coconut Mango Rice Pudding is the rice. The rice used for this recipe isn’t just any ordinary white rice, but rather a speciality rice, call Arborio Rice. Arborio is
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