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18 July, 2022

Stovetop Brown Sugar Candied Nuts

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These caramelized, candied nuts (walnuts & pecans) are an awesomely delicious treat. Toss them with salads, over popcorn, with ice cream, with a bowl of oatmeal or straight into your mouth. Their so sweet, crunchy and deliciously yummy. This stovetop method for making candied nuts is so easy, as everything goes into the pan at
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8 October, 2015

Greek Yogurt Dill Spread with Ham and Red Cabbage On Wasa Crisp Bread

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Wasabröd is a Swedish company that is the largest producer in the world of Scandinavian style crisp bread. Wasabröd produces a wide variety of crisp breads, with the original crisp bread made of rye. Other additions since 1919 include sesame,wheat, oats, flax seed, and other grains. Like matzo, Wasa is noted for its shelf longevity.
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