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23 July, 2022

Sweet Chicken Sausage Kale & Spaghetti Squash

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If you haven’t tried making spaghetti squash before now, here’s a good place to start. This is a versatile recipe as any sweet chicken sausage will do. What is sweet chicken sausage? It is ground chicken mix with different flavors of fruit and sometimes chilies could be added. Fruits can include, apple, mango, peach, and
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7 July, 2022

Roasted Chicken Sausage With Sweet Peppers & Onions

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This roasted sheet pan dish is easy to make, and it’s versatile enough for family dinners, buffets or tailgating. Italian chicken sausage stuffed with peppers and Asiago cheese. Not to forget the strips of roasted sweet peppers and sweet onions. It’s all mixed together and roasted with olive oil, minced garlic and savory Italian herbs.
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1 May, 2022

Hawaiian Style Pineapple & Spicy Mango Chicken Sausage

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Several culinary cultures have had an influence on the Hawaiian Islands. It started with the Polynesian’s migration to the islands around 400 A.D. The Polynesian cuisine offers a wide variety of specialities, mostly based on seafood and exotic fruit. But the food culture took a dramatic turn around the mid-19th century. Culinary Influence On Hawaii
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