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Instant Pot Eggs en Cocotte – French Baked Eggs

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Classic French-style, creamy-filled, baked eggs make a simple, deliciously yummy and indulgent breakfast as well as a brunch dish. What Is A Cocotte “En cocotte”, is a typical French cooking pot made from cast iron or stove-resistant ceramic. It is similar to a ramekin, though a cocotte is typically oval and a bit deeper and
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Soufflé with Chicken & Vegetables

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Anyone who can make a soufflé is an accomplished home cook. Understanding the basic underlying scientific principles that make a souffle what it is, can help your attempt of making one go off without a hitch. It starts with knowing that it’s all in the eggs and 3 secrets. First Secret Of Making A Soufflé
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Red Swiss Chard & Asparagus Omelette

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Swiss chard is a close relative of the beet and is grown for its leaves and stems as opposed to the edible root. The leafy green is known for its bright colored stems of red, yellow, pink, and purple. If all colors are sold bundled together it is referred to as Rainbow Swiss Chard. For
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Ham Asparagus Alfredo

Ham Asparagus Alfredo
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The name Asparagus comes from the Greek word meaning “shoot” or “sprout.” The shoots grow from a crown planted in sandy soil and can grow 10 inches in a 24-hours under the ideal weather conditions. There are three colors of the plant, white, purple and the most common color, green. White – Purple – Green
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Rotisserie Chicken Baguette Sandwich With Basil

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France may be known as the cradle of haute cuisine, but nothing says good French food like classic French baguette sandwiches. Baguette sandwiches are a staple of French cuisine. The sandwich is sold in boulangeries, food stands, and cafés throughout France, each wrapped snugly in brown paper with pointy bread ends peeking out and stacked
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