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Bacon & Vegetable Tortellini

An easy to make tortellini dish using your Instant Pot. It’s a quick way to turn frozen pasta into a tasty meal–with minimal effort.

If you’re looking for a under 30 minute meal with few ingredients to go from stovetop to table, this is the meal your looking for.

This Tortellini dish is a time savor. Use fresh or frozen store bought pasta, frozen vegetables, a jar of Alfredo sauce (or homemade) and a few minutes to fry up some bacon.

Bacon & Vegetable Tortellini

1 12 ounce package fresh or frozen cheese tortellini

1 1/2 cup frozen peas and carrots

8 strips cooked smoked bacon, chopped

1-2 cups Alfredo sauce – find recipe HERE

Turn oven broiler to high.

Cook tortellini according to package instructions.

Cook’s Notes

You can use your Instant Pot – add tortellini and 1 cup of water to inner pot. Close lid and lock. Using Custom, place on High for 2 minutes. After beep indicates done, do a quick release. Drain pasta and add back to inner pot.

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Chop and cook bacon just until crisp. Remove from heat and drain on a napkin lined plate.

Add vegetables, bacon and Alfredo sauce to tortellini and mix until well combined.

Spoon tortellini mixture into a 8×8 inch baking dish. Place under broiler until just slightly caramelized.

Remove from broiler. Plate and serve.

Bacon & Vegetable Tortellini plated with a Cherry Pecan Broccoli Salad.


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