The Spiralizer – Turning Vegetables Into Healthy Creative Satisfying Meals

The Spiralizer - Turning Vegetables into Healthy Creative Satisfying Meals

The spiralizer is a culinary gadget that has quickly become a must have in the kitchen.

The spiralizer is a tool that allows a kitchen cook to turn vegetables into noodles.

Counter top vegetable spiralizer
Counter Top Vegetable Spiralizer

Lisa Richards, author of The Candida Diet, writes, “Quitting Refined Carbs? The Spiralizer Is Your New Best Friend.”

With the spiral slicer you can conjure up endless julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber, and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The unqiue spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta.

The mechanism can be purchased as a manual counter top, hand held or even a julienne peeler.

The counter top spirlizer has sharp blades, that allows you to feed any kind of vegetable through the system, and the hand held has thin blades built into the plastic funnel like gadget, and the julienne peeler is much like a vegetable or fruit peeler.

Mexican Squash Pasta with Chorizo Meat Sauce
Mexican Squash Pasta with Chorizo Meat Sauce

How A Spirlizer Works

The mechanism is simple. The hand held is made in the shape much like a funnel.

Place the vegetable at one end of the funnel, and firmly push the vegetable into the funnel while twisting the vegetable. The built-in blades will spiral the vegetable into noodles.

Hand Held Vegetable Spiralizer

The counter top spiral is much the same. Using nothing more than gentle pressure, turn the handle and gently slide the vegetable through the spiralizing blades.

The julienne peeler is simple. Just hold the vegetable in one hand while placing the peeler at the top of the vegetable and slide it down over the surface of the produce.

Goan Coconut Chicken Curry with Spiraled Sweet Potato

What ever spiraler you chose, you will always be left with perfectly formed vegetable noodles ready for instant use.

It really is that simple – there’s no chopping or preparation involved. Choose your vegetable and away you go!

Yellow Summer Squash Pasta & Sauce

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