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16 March, 2022

Red Cabbage Vegetable Root Slaw with a Honey Hibiscus Vinaigrette

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This is no ordinary coleslaw, as it has color, more than a typical green cabbage and orange carrot coleslaw. There are yellow carrots, golden beets, green onions and cilantro, along with red apples, and the zest of a blood orange. We tossed the typical mayonnaise dressing for a Honey Hibiscus Vinaigrette. Red Cabbage Red cabbage
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19 April, 2015

Hibiscus – An Elixir From The Tropics

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The hibiscus is native to tropical regions of the world, though to pinpoint its exact origin, is unknown. The plant will grow in some arid regions, like California. In the USA, the hibiscus grows well in Florida, and Hawaii. It is the national flower in the Republic of Haiti, and is the flower of the Hindu goddess
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