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30 December, 2022

Eggs Benedict With Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict With Hollandaise Sauce
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Looking for a special breakfast? Then try Eggs Benedict. It’s a classic, savory breakfast featuring poached eggs, ham and homemade hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict was invented at Delmonico’s — in the late 1860s by Chef Charles Ranhofer. The dish was named for a regular Delmonico’s patron at the time, Mrs. LeGrand Benedict. When it comes
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18 April, 2015

Bacon Eggs & Asparagus Benedict

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There are two and possible more accounts as too how Eggs Benedict came to be a sought after breakfast and Sunday brunch item. The first account is from 1894 when Lemuel Benedict, a Wall Street broker, went into the Waldorf Hotel to get something to eat in the restaurant. It was said he had a
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27 February, 2015

How To Make The Perfect Egg In One Minute

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The best technique to make the perfect fried egg in one minute, starts with a medium sized warmed skillet, and one tablespoon of butter, which gives your egg an exceptional flavor. After the butter melts, crack the egg, and add one tablespoon of water. Right after adding the water, place a lid directly over the
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