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Instant Pot Brown Rice

Instant Pot Brown Rice

With a pressure cooker it’s so easy to make brown rice a versatile dish.

Add whatever spices or seasonings before cooking or fold in vegetables, fresh herbs, like cilantro or parsley or nuts and dried fruit, like pecans and dried cranberries after cooking.

With an Instant Pot you will never cook rice on the stove-top again.

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Instant Pot Brown Rice

2 cups water

2 cups brown rice, long grain

1 teaspoon avocado oil

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

Add water, brown rice, oil, and salt to the inner insert of your Instant Pot. Close and lock the lid.

Select Manual – set timer for 25 minutes on high pressure according to manufacturer’s instructions. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for pressure to build.

Release pressure using the natural-release method according to manufacturer’s instructions, about 15 minutes.

Carefully release any remaining pressure. Unlock and remove the lid. Fluff rice with a fork or a rice paddle.

Serve topped with your favorite vegetable mix or a protein.


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