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3 October, 2014

Spanish Chicken Salad

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Paprika is used to garnish many foods we prepare. Like soups, shrimp, deviled eggs, potato and pasta salads. Paprika comes from the pods of Capsicum annuum peppers that are dried and crushed to form the powdery spice. There are two principle paprikas used in cooking. • Sweet Hungarian Paprika • Hot Spanish or Smoked Paprika
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15 July, 2014

Spicy Chorizo and Bean Soup

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When we were living down in Mexico, I learned to love chorizo. That was a time before we all knew what processed foods were really doing to us. But since a few years ago, we have learned to eat healthy, and we really try to walk that road. Though you can splurge a little now
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25 February, 2014

How to Use Herbs in Cooking

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An important part of cooking is also to know the flavors of herbs and spices and how to use them. Seasonings are the key to making a great meal. If you are not familiar with different herbs, experiment. Get to know the flavors and how herbs work to flavor your food.  Also be aware herbs
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