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13 May, 2022

Roasted Green Beans & Tomatoes with a Garlic Sour Cream Sauce

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Broiling has become a favorite cooking technique for cooking vegetables. Not only does it require less hands-on work than sautéing on the stove top, but vegetables develop a nice char under the broiler. This translates into a savory side dish. Broiling is direct, hot, radiant heat on just one side of what you’re cooking. Look
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28 March, 2022

Alternative Cooking Methods to Frying Food – with recipes

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Frying food in a skillet is a method of cooking in which the food is cooked by the heat of hot fat. Fat or oil’s (refined for high heat cooking) can be heated to a much higher temperature, as compared to water and thus, as the food comes in contact with this heated fat, it
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10 November, 2015

Roasted Chicken Breast With Ginger Carrot Slaw

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With chicken breasts on hand that are skinless, and boneless , you can always have something quick and satisfying to eat for dinner.Whether you grill, pouch or roast, there will always be an easy chicken breast recipe for any occasion.