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3 December, 2021

Sweet Potatoes Powerhouse Of Nutrition – includes recipes

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Sweet potatoes are an extremely versatile and delicious root vegetable that possesses a great number of nutritional benefits. It is also a valuable medicinal plant, providing anti-cancer, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory activities (Source). Due to its high phenolic and anthocyanin content, sweet potatoes have a high antioxidant activity (Source). A Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals The
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19 April, 2015

Hibiscus – An Elixir From The Tropics

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The hibiscus is native to tropical regions of the world, though to pinpoint its exact origin, is unknown. The plant will grow in some arid regions, like California. In the USA, the hibiscus grows well in Florida, and Hawaii. It is the national flower in the Republic of Haiti, and is the flower of the Hindu goddess
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1 November, 2014

Food Color and Your Appetite

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Some colors on the light spectrum can diminish our appetite and have been used to help individuals maintain a well-balanced diet. These colors are gray, brown, black and blue. Studies on the subject of color and appetite have shown that these colors just noted have a calming effect on our subconscious and can lead us
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