Earth Day 2014 – Teaching Children to Respect the Earth and its Environment

Earth Day 2014 - Teaching Kids to Respect Our World and the Environment

In today’s world, parents are beginning to see the importance of teaching their children to respect our earth and the environment. After all, children are the ones who will inherit the planet and will be responsible for it in the next generation. It makes sense to teach them how to respect it, especially in this day and age of pollution and other environmental concerns.

How can you teach your kids this important concept, even now on this day, April 22, 2014 – Earth Day? Here are some ideas.

Grow a Garden

Learning a bit about where food comes from is an important piece of education that too many children miss. Gardening teaches children about the cycles and seasons of nature, the work that goes into food production, and how the environment affects your gardening efforts. How weather affects your garden may instill a healthy respect for Mother Nature.

Responsible Camping

Taking your kids camping is a wonderful way to get them out into the natural world. As you do, teach them about the responsibilities involved in camping, such as the proper technique for extinguishing a campfire, and how to carry trash back with you out of the wilderness area. If you see trash lying about in the area, point it out to your kids and note how it spoils the landscape.

Bird Watching

If all you do is put up a bird feeder and identify the avian visitors, it’s a step in the right direction. Your children may really get into bird identification and want to read more about various species. Look online and see if you can identify bird calls, and get a good field guide to help your kids find out which birds are visiting. They may want to read about various birds’ migration patterns and habitats, too.

Natural Foods

Consider implementing a natural diet in your family. This is just another way to foster an appreciation for nature and her gifts, and it may inspire your kids to preserve those small farms and sustainable agriculture that brings them such foods.

Explore Environmental Careers

See if you can arrange a tour of a local factory or plant, and ask them to show you all the environmental protection measures they have in place (such as filters on smoke stacks, or proper disposal techniques for chemical waste). This may inspire your child to go into such a career, or may simply help them appreciate what goes into caring for the environment.

All of the fore mentioned ideas can help your child build appreciation for the earth and its environment, even to day April. 22, 2014 Earth day. For more information visit the Earth Day Network | Earth Day 2014 at .

You can get other ideas to help earths environment at  Organizer and Activist Resources: Earth Day Event Ideas (Earth Days Organizer’s Guide).

Visit a web-site curtsy of Disney (12 earth day crafts)


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10 thoughts on “Earth Day 2014 – Teaching Children to Respect the Earth and its Environment

  1. The best way to teach our children is through example. It’s so easy to use those disposable cups, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam plates, and not to recycle our newspapers. It takes a little more work but the result is so vital. It’s the same with teaching our children to eat healthier, exercise more, not to smoke, and so many other things we make sure to instruct them about. If we want to make the world better for future generations we must take responsibility now.

    • I agree Lizzi. Since our town instituted recycling back in 1996, I was really unaware how much we were trashing, things that could be reused and kept out of the land-fills.

      3 years ago I started a mulch bend out in my garden. I through vegetable & fruit scrapes, old bread, coffee grinds, etc.

      And to think we use to trash all of that, or put it in the garbage disposal.

      Thanks for stopping by to read our article and commenting Lizzi.


    • Thanks Roger. Many people are still letting themselves be blinded to the fact that the earth is warming by the things we are doing.

      If we can teach children to respect what the earth still haves to offer, maybe a difference can be made.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. 🙂


  2. ANything goes in Philadelphia. People have sports games, barbecues, and parties and leave their trash untied, mix trash with recycling, dump charcoal on ground, and don’t remove those tacky cellophane balloons.

    • Wow that’s awful!! Here in Boise they push recycling and the city sets the example. I am always on my boys when they mix trash with the recycling.

      Thanks for visit and comments Monique 🙂

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